Mouth to Mouth


2000, Avon Books

'Best Seller' on Audible.  Also published in England, Germany and Spain, 3 US book clubs, 2 UK book clubs; Recorded Books.  Adapted to a screenplay.

“The best suspense stories are the ones that creep up on you, breathe on your neck and jump back into the shadows when you turn around. Michael Kimball plays that game with unnerving skill in Mouth to Mouth, a psychological thriller with the scariest kind of villain–a handsome, helpful, utterly winsome sociopath with an evil agenda that his victims fail to see until it’s too late . . . Although the steel-trap plot is built for ultimate carnage, Kimball primes the mechanism with scenes of quiet beauty and subtle tension that seduce characters and readers alike on the slow, scenic route to a state of high anxiety.” 

— New York Times

A deft, highly charged erotic psychological thriller bristling with secrets and lies . . .The tough, pull‑no‑punches narrative is loaded with spellbinding action . . . Kimball hits the mark with this high‑wire revenger’s tragedy: a pitilessly intelligent examination of a family tortured by mistakes, misunderstandings, and malicious vengeance from the invigorating opening to the catastrophic finale.” — Kirkus Reviews (Star)

“Intelligently crafted plot twists come at top speed, revealing interlocking family secrets, deaths to be avenged, hidden patterns to be discovered. The denouement is one gripping cliffhanger after another, a chilling melange of vengeance and obsession that will keep the reader glued to the page.” — Publishers Weekly
“Kimball delivers the suspense he promises.”— Los Angeles Times

“In his second thriller, Kimball (Undone) seduces the reader just as successfully. He has created characters on which we want Neal to wreak his brand of justice, then makes us painfully aware of the finality and horror of that justice. Recommended for all public libraries.” — Library Journal

“Superb . . . the psychodrama of Mouth to Mouth puts it up there with classics of the genre like ‘Night of the Hunter.’  Mouth to Mouth deserves a zillion readers.” — Kennebec Sunday

“Michael Kimball has a rare talent for capturing the erotic undercurrents flowing beneath his deeply flawed characters and is not afraid to explore the more extreme forms of behavior. A compelling thriller that delivers some strong jolts.” — Chicago Tribune

“An intense and disturbing book, with a hard-edged plot driven by the tensions between its characters. With Mouth to Mouth, Kimball continues his precedent of rapid-fire plotting and dynamic characters.” — Maine Sunday Telegram 

“The writing is taut, at times almost beautiful, as Kimball paints the scenery for what should have been an idyllic summer but has become, instead, a horrific death-watch, full of foreboding . . . Stephen King called Undone, Kimball’s first novel, ‘the sort of book you think about during the day and can’t wait to settle back into at night.’ As for Mouth to Mouth, say amen and ditto.” — Washington Post

“A New England tale of obsession and revenge. Mouth to Mouth burns up page after page with power and pace and Kimball’s signature deftness of plot.” — Worcester Magazine

“A dark, nasty story with a serpentine plot . . . and a stunning finale. Highly recommended, but not as bedtime reading.” — Booklist

“An intelligent, well-written thriller . . . You have to keep reading right to the end before you come up for air.” — The Southland Times

“Kimball’s well-paced plot becomes an edge-of-the-seat thriller . . . His arch-villain is a pure sociopath, a man whose brilliance, dedication and understanding of human weakness make him almost invincible. An edgy page-turner that will keep you reading till it’s done and give you nightmares afterwards.” — Portsmouth Herald

“The Bridges of Madison County meets Stephen King . . . a fascinating story that will keep readers going . . . The action really dazzles.” — St. Petersburg Times

“A tightly written and expertly paced psychological thriller that will have you gasping for breath.”  — Worcester Phoenix


Mouth to Mouth - Spanish Edition

Mouth to Mouth - Spanish Edition